Astrophysicist | Data Scientist

Data Scientist
Lichtenbergstr. 8,
Garching 85748, Germany

bhaskar.agarwal (at)

I am an astrophysicist-turned-data scientist working at OmegaLambdaTec based out of the GATE campus in Garching, Germany.

Previously I was working as a Postdoc at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, Heidelberg University. I was born in India where I spent most of my life before going to the University of Sussex for my Masters in Astronomy. I taught Classical Mechanics and Astronomy to BSc. students at Fergusson College, Pune (India), my Alma mater, for over a year before going to the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics for my doctoral studies. I then moved to Yale for my Postdoc with Priya Natarajan where I spent two years as a part of the TCAN collaboration between Yale, Georgia Tech and Maryland.